Connie Witter - Founder of Because of Jesus Ministries

Connie Witter, Teaching Identity in Jesus


Connie has been a Christian since she was a little girl. Yet, it wasn’t until she was 24 years old that she really began to understand how much she was valued and loved by her Heavenly Father, and her identity in Jesus. Always trying to be good enough led her to discouragement and disappointment in life. 

It wasn’t until one day when she was at a low point in her life that she called out to God and asked Him to lead her to the truth that would set her free from discouragement, fear, insecurity, and disappointment. 

The Holy Spirit began to show identity in Jesus like she had never seen before. He took her through Proverbs 31 and began to reveal that in Christ Jesus, God had already made her the woman that she so desperately wanted to be. He began to teach her to look at herself through the cleansing blood of Jesus and to believe what her Heavenly Father said about her.

The Holy Spirit began to show her that she was complete in Christ. She was a capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman not because of her striving to be good enough, but because of her identity in Jesus. This began a journey of learning to daily cleave to, trust in and rely on Jesus concerning every aspect of her life, which has brought peace, joy, love, and the overflowing blessings of God into her marriage, her family, and her soul. The love of Jesus is the only thing that can satisfy the human soul. 

The Holy Spirit led her to begin teaching Bible study in 1993. It was then that she began to share with others the simplicity of a daily, abiding, trusting relationship with Jesus. Her first book was published in 1996 entitled “PS God Loves You.” She then wrote a Bible study entitled “God’s Great and Precious Promises” which was published in 1998. 

Connie’s next popular Bible study “Because of Jesus” was published in 2002, which is the heart of her message and the foundation of her life and ministry. Teaching and sharing with people their identity in Jesus. 

She has also spoken on the subject in Women’s Conferences, Bible classes, ladies meetings and ladies Bible study groups. She has been a guest on the Local TBN channel in which she shared the good news that we are righteous, valuable, precious, blameless, blessed, favored and extravagantly loved by God because of Jesus. 

The heart of her message is to keep your eyes on Jesus. Stop trying to be good enough in your own strength and begin to truly trust Jesus and believe what God says about you because of Him. Take your focus off of yourself, and others and the challenges of life and truly focus on Jesus. 

When you begin to daily receive His unfailing, extravagant love, you are empowered to live free from all sin, you experience His blessing upon your life, and you are free to love others with His amazing, unconditional love.