Ministry Feedback

My heart is being transformed! I’m so blessed by all the truth that God has poured into you and the Because of Jesus ministry. God has been showing me His amazing grace over the past couple of years and just this fall God Himself gave our women’s bible study at our little church the study Living Loved Living Free and I’m so grateful. It’s inspired much music an song to come forth through me as well  thank you  ~Rachel

Dear Connie,

I don’t even know where to start except by saying, Thank you!!! You have been used by God to change the course & direction of my life! I started going to my friend’s house in 2008, and every Friday, we’d go through a chapter in the Because of Jesus study. My eyes were opened to things I’d never seen before. I was set free from condemnation, pride, and the like. I had been serving the Lord in full time ministry from the age of 19, but never had heard teaching like this!

Since that time, God led my husband and I to start a church. We opened the doors last summer, and have been amazed to see what God has done.

My heart has always beat for women’s ministry. I have felt a calling and drawing to minister life to ladies. So of course, it was a no-brainer that we would start your bible studies ASAP. In July, we went through your “Awake to Righteousness” study. It was exciting to see blinded eyes open, just like mine were four years ago. Then the Lord put it on my heart to start the “Because of Jesus” study in October. I had been invited several times to go and minister at the jail, but with five children, all 10 and under, full time ministry, and life, it was just hard to find time to squeeze it in. To make a long story short, God made a way! We were able to film the bible study and use LIVE STREAM so 20+ ladies could join in from the Custer Co. Jail. Each woman has her own book too! On top of that, I put out an invite on Face book to invite all the ladies I knew to watch as well. Last Monday night was our first study. After calculating everyone watching, either in person or via LIVE STREAM, we had 120 women join in on the study.

I wanted you to know about the impact you’re making in Western Oklahoma. You’re studies are truly impacting and changing lives of many, many women. Thank you, Connie! And know that we are praying for you, believe in you, and know that God will continue to bless everything you put your hand to.

In Him, ~Lori

My personal experience with legalism: In 1976, at the age of 19, I asked Jesus to become my personal Savior.

Prior to my salvation, my landlord at the time, an older woman, would visit me and talk about God. When I told her that I wasn’t sure God existed, she suggested that I read the gospels. One day soon after I began reading, as I stood at the kitchen sink doing dishes, I asked God, “If You exist, please give me the faith to believe in You.” Within a very short amount of time, not only did I believe, but I was head-over-heels in love with Him, and I had so much peace and joy. I never thought that a relationship with God could be like that. It was wonderful.

Several months later, I accepted an acquaintance’s invitation to visit her church. I began attending regularly, but I noticed that my peace and joy were disappearing. I suddenly struggled with feeling that I wasn’t living up to His expectations, always trying harder to perform better in order to please God but failing miserably. I felt duped. It seemed to me that had God enticed me with His love and offer to save me, but now He was showing His true colors by being very distant and hard-to-please, and I had to really work to maintain the salvation He gave me. Also, I just couldn’t seem to measure up to the other people at that church. No one said anything to that effect, but I clearly felt that they were just waiting for me to get my act together so that I could be as good as they were, and, as a result, be more acceptable to them as well as to God. Always trying but not ever good enough! I lived like that for two years, and finally I had had enough. One evening after the service, I stood on the steps of that church building and told God, “If this is what it’s like to be saved, I’d rather go to hell,” and I left. It was my understanding that I was now unsaved and on my way to hell, but from that point on, I lived my life as an unbeliever, trying to forget about God and always doing my best to push away the scary and tormenting thought of hell when I died.

My second husband, Don, was in the Air Force. They sent us to Germany. During that tour of duty, our small base received a new base commander. He and his family were Christians. His wife, Jo Ellen, held a weekly Bible study in their home. I was in an incredible amount of pain because of personal issues, so one morning I went. I hoped that somehow it would be different. After most of the other ladies left, Jo asked me about my relationship with God. I told her that I had been born again, and I also told her about what happened at that church. That is the first time I had ever heard the word ‘legalism.’ She explained what it was and what it does. In 1986, eight years after I had left God, I decided to give God another chance. I realized that I hadn’t left the God of the Bible; I left the god that had been presented to me. Some peace and joy returned, but legalism had such a stronghold in my mind.

Last November (2011), dear friends told me about a pastor, Joseph Prince, from Singapore, who preaches against a mixture of law and grace. At first, I cautiously watched his program, listening very carefully to catch anything that wasn’t right. Within a week, I was basking in the gospel of grace that he preached.

That is when and how I learned about your ministry. When I would watch him, a spot for your teaching and ministry came on. I went to your website and soaked up all you had to offer. (I took so many notes as you taught on the book of Romans!) I have told people about you and your ministry and have quoted you many times. I have even read portions of the notes I taken from your study on Romans to my friends. I have a copy of 21 Days and continue to go through it over and over in the effort of renewing my mind.

Connie, I am very thankful for you and all that you do! Your love for Jesus and for people is so evident. Your face simply shines. (May I mention that I also think that you are very beautiful!?) I have come to trust you. I trust your heart.

In addition, I appreciate how seriously you take your position because of all the study/prep time you must put in. I like learning what the Greek words mean. I hang on every word you say. Your personal illustrations are so very helpful to me, through which I learn how to appropriate what you are teaching. I marvel at your transparency and vulnerability. I have learned so much from you, and much to my dismay, I find that I, too, have a heart to become a minister of the truth even though I have heard from you and Joseph Prince how angry it makes people. Recently I have stepped out of my comfort zone and gently corrected another Christian’s view of the foundation of her right standing in God’s sight. When I told another Christian about God’s superabounding grace, she expressed her resistance. You are my role model!

Please don’t ever stop preaching the truth — the gospel of grace!!! Both the bride of Christ and the world is in dire need of it. ~ Sincerely – Cindy


.. know I keep saying this but every day I am more broken in this study, this is like no other study I have ever done. God promised me in his word in Isaiah 45:1-3 that he will shatter the bronze walls, cut through the iron bars, make the rough places smooth and give me the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth in secret places. He is doing exactly that in this study for me, Praise God I will not recognize myself when we come to the end of the Study because now I will look so much more like HIM! I am wowed every single day and every morning I wake in tears over the power of this study and the effect it is having on my life. Last night the word was so engraved into me that all through my sleep my spirit continued to minister the word to me and even though I was sleeping it was though the teaching never ended. Soooo amazing! Can not quit saying WOW!” ~ Lorrie


When is your Redeeming love workbook coming out?? I’m excited and ready for it! Because of Jesus’ is absolutley the best resource for grace teaching i’ve ever seen. I love, love, love it! ~Heather, Tulsa, Ok


This Bible study has helped me leave behind the guilt and frustration of trying to live this life on my own. Truly because of Jesus we have been set free of that and Connie takes you clearly through EVERY area of a woman’s life to show how to apply that and live the purposeful life God created for you. ~ Terry, Arlington, TX


This is a truly anointed book that is awesome. It is a word that today’s Christian women need, because we get so caught up in the small things and we become disappointed and discouraged and self-absorbed because we are focused on our own abilities and weaknesses and failures. We need to be Jesus focused and know who we are in Him. We are the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31, because of who we are in Jesus and His blood. I highly recommend this book to every Christian woman. ~ Joann, Tinley Park, IL


Unlike other books that list 10 steps to whatever you are trying to achieve, this book only has one step and one focus: Keeping your eyes on Jesus. Looking to Him for every answer in every situation is the main emphasis of “Because of Jesus.” It not only has changed my life, but continues to produce changes still today. The one word I would use to describe this study would be “constant” because it will bring constant change, correction, help and encouragement into every area of your life as you look to Jesus. ~ Kelly, Bixby, OK


“Because of Jesus” has been so helpful for me as a mom, wife, and going through the ups and downs of life. It gets to the heart of women- helps us feel good about ourselves because of Jesus. We’ve had some heavy storms and people ask me how I can be so happy and I tell them about this study. It makes me see that I am worthy because of Jesus and He will bring me through everything because He is my one and only. ~ Donna, Boca Raton, FL


The Bible study “Because of Jesus” is awesome because our Jesus is awesome! I especially enjoyed the lessons on “The Power of a Praying Mother” and “Believe what God says about your Husband.” The Holy Spirit directed me to purchase 15 more studies to put them in the hands of young mothers. All the answers are contained within the book to help them know who they are in Jesus and the provisions He has made for them. I’m excited about what God is going to do through this study. ~ Hope, Lexington, SC

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