How to Start a Bible Study

We have found our Bible Studies to be a source of a deeper relationship with Jesus and close trusting friendships. Below are some tips that have helped us over the years.  Be blessed as you journey deeper into the heart of God!


Before the Study:

  •  Ask the Lord for His wisdom and grace to show you who, when, where and what to study.  Ask Him to bring people who will bond well, support, and encourage each other.
  • Notice a few people who are interested in the subject, and visit with them about their interest in doing a Bible Study.  This can be as many or as few people as you are comfortable with.
  • Look for a welcoming location for your group. Consider the surrounding noise level and the noise level of your group to find a good match. Think outside the church walls if you like; bookstores, coffee shops, and people’s homes are great places to meet.
  • Select your book or workbook to use. Consider using teaching tools like video sets which make facilitating a group study easier, especially if you are unsure about your knowledge of the subject, or if you want to just listen instead of lead. In this case you will need to plan on having a television and DVD player available at your chosen location, or an outlet for a computer with a DVD player.
  • Ask your group when the best time to meet will be that works with your schedule. The final selection for day and time may eliminate a few who are interested, but going with the time that most can meet will include as many as possible. Encourage others to start their own sessions if meeting with your group is not a possibility.
  • Communicate clearly with everyone as to when your group will be meeting, what they will need (if anything), and what to expect at the first meeting. You may even want to give them a brief calendar explaining the duration of the study and if there will be any interruptions, like holidays, for instance, so that you are all on the same page.  This can easily be done by email, which is very convenient for busy people.

The Day of the Study

  • Gather fifteen minutes or so before the study begins, which will give the participants time to visit, and the late people time to arrive!
  • Begin the Bible Study on time, every time.  This is important because if you start late, people will begin to come later, at the time they think the actual Bible Study will begin.
  • Make announcements; hand out any notes, if necessary.
  • Be sensitive to differences of opinions and attentive to staying on track so your group makes the intended progress. Be flexible if the group members feel they are being rushed or going too slow with the subject. If so, speed it up, or slow it down. Be willing to change for the good of the group, while also considering your own personal time constraints.  Remember, a happy facilitator is a good facilitator!
  • Enjoy yourself! Some of the most amazing and rewarding moments can happen when people do a Bible Study together.